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  • RRWK Rollrost Waffelmuster | 15624

    £319.00 £319.00


    Our surfaces are handmade from scratch only with natural products that result in our rolls of the same colour to vary from one to another in appearance, colour tone and structure, generating a unique individual pattern.Due to the manual production, each path is unique. The rust may thus appear in many varieties.

    Small diamond mesh with weld seam  –

    RollRost Waffelmuster Mit Schweißnaht –

    The hand-made rust wallpaper RollRost is another way of achieving the popular industrial look. With rust no longer being an unwanted byproduct of corroded ma- terials but a contemporary architectural choice in high demand, StoneslikeStones’ RollRost is sure to effectively adorn your walls or transform your furniture & doors into unique eye-catchers.

    Same as nature.


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