Acoustic panels wood loft green


XSTONE is handmade in Germany using waste stone materials. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of mining virgin resources through this effective use of waste materials. Here are some additional key points:

• Bonded to the flexible, fibreglass backing using
petroleum free resin and natural pigments.
• Applied using water-based adhesive
• The ‘on a roll’ concept allows removal from the
underlying surface without damage – (can be reused for plasterboard applications).
• Extremely lightweight, XSTONE ‘on a roll’ can be delivered direct to sites, around the world, with a dramatically reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional, heavy alternative decorative sheet and tile materials.
• Fire rated to A2 EN13501-1, XSTONE is REACH
compliant and does not emit VOCs.



What´s in the box ?

  • 2 sheets  (2,88 m2)
  • Insatllation  here 

Key Features

  • The veneer of the XSTONE acoustic panels is a natural material that has characteristic features and differences in sorting and surface. The surface is XSTONE Veneer, so butt joints can occur. Valuable appearance thanks to deep black/brown MDF as a carrier and chamfered edges, without veneer breakouts. The individual strips are attached to black or gray fleece.
  • Support plate MDF black,
    beveled edges 2 panels
    Packaging Unit 2 Sheets / 2400 mm x 600 mm
    Natural material with characteristic features Rustic sorting, open knots and cracks are allowed Longitudinal butt joints, butt joints possible.


  • Specifications
  • Width : 600mm
  • Length : 2400mm
  • Thickness : 20 mm
  • Support : PET / MDF
  • XSTONE Flammability : A2
  • Haptics : Roughness similar to the real material
  • Smokeemission: s1
  • Load capacity : Similar to the real material
  • Adhesive recommendation for inside : XSTONE glue
  • Permeable : Yes
  • Bleaching Response : Unknown N/A
  • Flaming Droplets : d0
  • Solvents : None
  • Quality of the substrate : Q4 European standard


Delivered in boxes ( incl. glue ) for small orders,  and flat on the pallet for B2B projects.  You can select your chosen delivery method at the checkout.

XSTONE bespoke. all our textures are manufactory-made. if you have your own idea and want to change the color, please contact us HERE