Filler | Light Grey

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The joint filler | Paste | Grout

Only B to B – available in larger quantities.

Known after many names – the primary points of this product are its purposes. 

Can be used in many ways as –  joint filling between each piece

 Repair the gaps or any damage done when installing,

Get creative and transform those cracks in a “trashy | urban | old ” design, and so on…

Fits perfectly into the look whatever you wish clear or sharp, it is up to you.

More or less works like an eraser or a brush enchanting or correcting your project.

Available in all colors to match your surface – suitable for all applications and all designs, floor, wall, indoor, outdoor, wetrooms, furniture… works for all and many others.


Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7 cm



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