Rollbeton 1027 Trash gold

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XSTONE Flexible surface makes any application you can dream up not only possible but effortless. Recreate the appearance and tactile sensation of the original materials with our collections, find the right colour and pattern for your project.


It’s all about urbanism and minimalism these days. Create a contemporary industrial style with no temperature or loudness concerns – raw industrial design which generates a cozy feeling around your house.

Concrete- RollStone Veneer gives a modern clean finish, designed to maintain inner natural warmth and slightly sound resistant ability compared to poured concrete or other cold concrete products . Concrete on a roll combines an original look, with a practical format at a best price. Concrete on a roll is available in a smooth finish, in a 3D shuttered texture with timber shuttering visible on the surface of the product and a wide range of innovatory and expressive, smooth or three dimensional textures. Real concrete particles are used in the manufacture of the product. This means that both the visual appearance as well as the 3D feel of the product is like real poured concrete finish. Each sheet of RollStone veneer is 2 mm thick , light weight and malleable enough to enhance feature walls, decorate kitchens, form wall curves, build furniture basically- any other creative projects are possible to achieve , easy to apply and suitable for both internally and externally use.

Additional information:

  • 100% only organic prime materials
  • Ultra-Thin material, only 2mm thick
  • Super Lightweight and Flexible
  • Versatile for any application
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Waterproof once sealed
  • Low cost installation
  • Roll size 3000 x 1000 x 2mm
  • Weight 5kg per roll
  • Fire Rated A2
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Designed in EU Handmade in UK
  • Every single piece is inimitable
  • Custom designs are available to order
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Our surfaces are handmade from scratch only with natural products that result in our rolls of the same colour to vary from one to another in appearance, colour tone and structure, generating a unique individual pattern.

Same as nature.


  • Rolle (Gemisch aus Gesteinsmehl und Bindemittel)
  • Innenkleber im Lieferumfang enthalten
  • Gewicht ca. 2–3 kg/qm
  • Stärke ca 2–4 mm
  • Rollengröße ca. 3,00m × 1,00 m (ca.3 qm)
  • Plattengröße 2,80 m x 1,00m
  • UV-Resistent
  • Brandschutz: A2-S1-d0
  • hochflexibel
  • geringer Aufbau
  • kein Rapport – Jede Bahn ein Unikat
  • für Sanierungen hervorragend geeigne
  • perfekte 3D Struktur
  • Bearbeitung mit Handwerkzeugen möglich
  • puristiges Ambiente
  • mühelos und schnell installiert
  • Benötigte Werkzeug:
    • Cuttermesser
    • Winkel
    • Bandmaß
    • Filzbrett oder Tapezierwalze
  • Klebstoffempfehlung
    • Innenbereich – XSTONE Innenkleber  im Lieferumfang enthalten
  • Rollen können einfach mit Cuttermesser zugeschnitten werden
  • Kleber wird auf die Wand aufgebracht
  • weitere Infos in der Verarbeitungsanleitung
  • Rolle (Gemisch aus Gesteinsmehl und Bindemittel)
  • Platte auf Anfrage (MDF / Rohspan)
  • Gewicht ca. 2–3 kg/qm
  • Stärke ca 2–4 mm
  • Rollengröße ca. 3,00m × 1,00 m (ca.3 qm)
  • Plattengröße 2,80 m x 1,00m
  • UV-Resistent
  • Brandschutz: A2-S1-d0

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 300 × 100 × 0.2 cm