XSTONE panels MDF composite


MDF composite with XSTONE Veneer

All of our surfaces can be processed as a panel . We ask you to assemble our service plates according to your wishes. Minimum order 50 m2 . This service can only be offered B2B for shopfitters, stand builders and carpenters.

The excellent price refers to a finished m2 MDF  composite with XSTONE Veneer

Please contact us HERE  and send us your request.  In the gallery you can see possible design variants.

Original surfaces in concrete, rust, old wood or stone look for the carpenter:
All XSTONE products aim to come as close as possible to the original. A large number of original replicas have already been created. Original materials – with an authentic look and feel. Mineral, through-dyed materials with 3D depth structures, in the case of metal decors with real metal particles in the surface. The different concrete and rust characteristics have no unwinding – every square metre is unique. A uniform appearance is guaranteed, even with large quantities.

The right carrier board for every application.
Whether MDF, HDF and HPL for furniture construction, or as flexible wall and floor covering, XSTONE  has the right composite material and the right accessories for your application. Large format boards up to 2800 x 1050 mm.
Other carrier materials for special requirements as well as individual finishing, special colours and logo imprints are also possible. Let your imagination run free, we will be happy to advise you about all the possibilities.

Unusual shapes and coatings made of materials for which it is not self-evident. The flexible boards are easy to process and weigh only approx. 2 kg per m². The robust surface structure makes the XSTONE board highly resilient. The product is ecologically harmless and currently available in many surface options.


Delivered in boxes ( incl. joint filler and indoor glue ) for small orders,  and flat on the pallet for B2B projects. Our concrete and brick flexible sheet range is fully stocked in our UK warehouse. You can select your chosen delivery method at the checkout.



XSTONE bespoke. all our textures are manufactory-made. if you have your own idea and want to change the color, please contact us HERE

XSTONE is handmade in Germany using waste stone materials. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of mining virgin resources through this effective use of waste materials. Here are some additional key points:

• Bonded to the flexible, fibreglass backing using
petroleum free resin and natural pigments.
• Applied using water-based adhesive
• The ‘on a roll’ concept allows removal from the
underlying surface without damage – (can be reused for plasterboard applications).
• Extremely lightweight, XSTONE ‘on a roll’ can be delivered direct to sites, around the world, with a dramatically reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional, heavy alternative decorative sheet and tile materials.
• Fire rated to A2 EN13501-1, XSTONE is REACH
compliant and does not emit VOCs.