Design service – Surface finishes according to customer requirementsWe can fully bespoke a surface to suit your design. We can copy a stone colour that you have in your garden to bring into your home, match any colour, bespoke the finish and texture, anything you need we can look to achieve for you.

How exactly does this work with my desired design? Very simple.

Do you have a photo of how you imagine your surface to be? You want to send us a real stone that serves as a template? Have you created a graphic that shows what you need? How many square meters do you need? Would you like a non-disclosure agreement for your project (NDA)? Please write us an email first and explain as precisely as possible what you have in mind. You can describe colors in all common systems ( RAL , CMYK , NCS … ) .

Let’s talk surfaces…

We will contact you as soon as possible and clarify exactly what the next steps are. Please fill in the contact form with your request .